The Power of Visual Communication

According to research, people remember about 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear as compared to staggering 80% of what they see. Marketers try and use this to their advantage by creating innovative visuals that will have a positive impact on their audiences. Below is one successful and one not so successful example of how brands try and use visual communication to their aid.


Never underestimate the power of a sleek workspace! Shop this look with the link in bio.

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<h1>Do you feel that having a clutter-free work environment would help you get more productive? Take a look at this image from IKEA USA.</h1>

<h2>Just seeing this image makes you want to organize your work almost immediately and by placing these products in context, </h2>this image evokes a sense of action about how much your workplace look can <h3>improve using IKEA products to get you organized. The choice of color is deliberate with a dark background being used to maintain the professional aspect.</h3>

Pinkberry Swirl

Warning: May cause extreme need for immediate Pinkberry.

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When it comes to putting up food pics on instagram a successful visual is considered to be clear, detailed and must have the audience salivating on it. In this case Pinkberry’s (a frozen yogurt company) choice of filter has completely blurred out the yogurt from the image, making it look like just a few fruits kept in a cup. The filter has washed out the main essence of what the company was trying to showcase.

Selecting a better filter or removing the filter all together would have been a much better option than the current one on display.

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