Image Composition: A Visit To Rouge Valley Hospital

A Hospital may seem like a scary and a gloomy place to be at but it is the place we go to when we are sick or hurt. Hospitals however, try and maintain an ambience that showcasing care by putting patients and families first

I recently visited the Scarborough and Rouge Valley hospital at the centenary site and clicked 3 images that could help the brand showcase a case a sense of calm and ease among its patient making it a more caring place to go to.

It was difficult to click images at the hospital and they were very strict with the rules and regulations of having any people in the images even after getting required permissions. I was still able to get a few images which I thought could be displayed in this post

Brand Concept – Providing best patient experience

At Scarborough and Rouge Valley hospitals the patient experience comes first and SRH prides itself on providing a broad spectrum of specialised health services to one of the most diverse communities in Canada.

I have edited and put filters for the 3 images in order to make the images thumb stopping and eye pleasing to our target audience.

1)  Specialised Skilled Doctor  A Beacon of Hope in Blurry Times


This image was taken with a viewpoint of showcasing the fact that when times get blurry and bleak, a specialised doctor stands out as a ray of hope to help you most in the times of need. It was mainly to focus on smiling face of the doctor that even in troubled times the doctors provide a sense of calm and care that he will make it alright and make things better.

I used the Black and white filter and blurred the background noise out to try and make the skilled professional pop out in the image making him the point of attention.

Image Composition: Focus and  Isolate the Image

Editing Application: Snapsead Application

Photography Device: Samsung Galaxy S8

2) Post Natal Care Ward  – Welcoming New lives with care
















The thought behind this image to display the emotion of a newborn baby by creating a welcoming and caring environment for expecting mothers and their families at this special time in their lives. This image is to signify the memories it will bring having to welcome a newborn member in the household

I used the Pop filter and increased the brightness to try and make the image more appealing to the point where it is thumb stopping that will get the patients to click on the link

Image Composition: Leading Lines

Editing Application: Snapsead Application

Photography Device: Samsung Galaxy S8

3) Halloween Theme A cheery festive feel 











This image was taken to highlight the attempt the hospital was trying by creating a Halloween theme. By creating a festive environment,  the hospital was trying to bring a sense of cheer amongst its patients and this colourful image for a social media  In this image, I used the Accentuate filter and increased the brightness and decreased the contrast to try and make the image more pleasing to the eye


Image Composition: Focus

Editing Application: Snapsead Application

Photography Device: Samsung Galaxy S8

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