Creating Snapchat Geofilters and Facebook Frames – Scarborough and Rouge Valley Hospital

Creating Snapchat Geofilters

Have you heard of Snapchat Geofilters?

Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters let you design custom filters people can use on their snaps based on a custom location you define. It is also a powerful tool to promote your business or an event

So Heres a  guide to learn how to create Snachat Geo filters without needing an expert.

To get started you will need to first create a PNG file,  I have used Pixlr to help me with this. You require a 1,080px wide by 1,920px tall image with a transparent background..

Once the transparent frame is completed, Then I added the images into the specific framework and created the PNG.

Once you have created the image you can open Snapchat Geofilters and follow these steps

  1. Depending on what is your purpose you then select Community, Personal or Business. In this example, I have selected Community.
  2. You then upload the PNG image created on Snapchat and select the area you want it to show on and then submit it.
  3. You can see a preview of what it would look like as an On-Demand Geofilter


Creating Facebook Frames

Now lets move on to creating Facebook frames.

You visit the Facebook Camera Effects Platform using this link https://www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/home/ and log in with your Facebook account.

Once you have logged in, you then click on the Create a Frame button. You can then use the image you created for your Snapchat Geofilter if you want or create new images. Follow these steps to create a Facebook Frame.

  1. Upload your PNG image which needs to have a transparent background.
  2. The image can be previewed in 3 ways Portrait, Profile and Landscape and you can make adjustments as per what suits you best
  3. You get a notification about a preview on your mobile and then try the frame yourself or have a friend do it for you 🙂







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