Creating a Facebook Live Video for Scarborough Hospital

Humanising Scarborough Hospital Brand: Using Facebook Live
Firstly, Facebook has a humongous user base  — with more than 1.71 billion active monthly users. What makes going facebook live different from anything else is its authenticity. There are no filters, edits and no retakes. It humanises the entire process like recording front of a live studio audience as your followers can post comments and questions on the video while you are live, and you can react to it instantly. People also tend to share information that they think is important and will help others.
The best part is you can save the live video and it can be viewed by others later.

How I made the Video
I chose Facebook as my social platform and recorded it live on my Samsung Galaxy S8 Device. Since it was live there were no cuts in my video. As my concept was more of an interview and a demonstration of how the pre-registration works I did not use any filters or frames and tried to keep it as authentic as possible.

It is very simple to start a Facebook live video:
Step 1: Go to the News Feed, and tap the “Live” option given
Step 2: Give Facebook access to your camera and microphone when prompted
Step 3: You can choose your privacy settings as per your preference
Step 4: You can put in a description of what the video content is all about and add in any filters or frames
Step 5: Click the “Red” button and Go Live

Why I made this Video:
The concept behind this video stemmed from my previous assignments of coming up with objectives for the Scarborough hospital website of How the website has made it easier for patients to learn more and engage with the hospital. The video was to help people know how Pre-registration works and why it makes life easy for a patient by not wasting time otherwise which would be sent on waiting in queues. Since it is informative people will also tend to share this video.


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